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Simple ideas every CEO should use to boost sales!

Posted by ZNCB on February 24, 2022
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Experienced CEOs know that business productivity is inevitably tied to how well employees are compensated, especially when it comes to sales. Companies naturally seek out the best talent for their sales teams, but having all the talent in the world means nothing unless you can motivate it to perform at the highest level. One way that CEOs can inspire their carefully selected sales teams to increase productivity and boost sales is offering an incentive-based trip.
Incentive-Based Trips: What Are They?

Incentive-based trips are rewards that thriving companies offer to employees who meet or exceed a pre-set business goal. In sales, the goal may involve such things as nurturing a certain percentage of leads into clients, retaining a certain percentage of existing customers, and exceeding last year’s revenue goal by a certain percentage. The business goal is yours to choose, and so is the type of trip that employees take after they achieve the goal.

A Unique Look at Cost Effectiveness

At first glance, an incentive-based trip can seem like an expensive way to motivate and reward sales professionals. After all, the trips often involve a high level of novelty and luxury in terms of destination, planned activities, and lodging. However, it is the novelty of the trips that can make them a cost effective way to deliver a meaningful, performance-based reward to employees.
For example, for many people, the novelty of playing golf on a beautiful, green course in the Eastern Highlands is worth far more in experiential value than it is in monetary value. For the trip’s provider, this phenomenon can create a great amount of financial flexibility when planning the trip, especially when the provider works with a professional trip planner to secure the best prices.
Facilitating an Incentive-Based Trip

Incentive based trips are organised by Destination Management Companies (DMCs), because they often involve multiple travellers, incentive-based trips can present logistical and financial obstacles that the average vacation would not, such as airline contract negotiations and hotel contract negotiation processes. The good news is that a professional planner of incentive based trips, such as DMCs can help you move past these obstacles with ease. You can focus on work while they solidify your travel plans.

As long as you have established the performance-based goal that triggers the reward, it is never too early for CEOs to start planning an incentive-based trip for your sales team. The more time the DMC has to make arrangements for your travels, the more flexibility they have to get you the best possible prices for traveling to your destination, inhabiting it in style, and having a fabulous time enjoying fun filled, leisurely activities while you are there.

To get started on planning an incentive-based trip for your company’s hardworking sales team, contact / for a list of DMCs. We look forward to assisting you create a trip that your sales team will remember forever and work hard to qualify for and boosting sales numbers to new heights!

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