Chimanimani National Park

Chimanimani National Park

This park borders Mozambique in an area of rugged mountain grandeur, enhanced by many spectacular gorges and high peaks rising to 2436m. There are several streams cascading through the mountain formations as well numerous mountain springs. Forest lovers will take a delight in the virgin forests of the area.There are no roads in this wild area and only footpaths and narrow tracks lead to the various places of interest. This adds to the fun of the wild and unspoilt character of the area.


  • Cave Exploration
  • Mountain Hiking 
  • Walking Trails
  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching


Adults $3.00

Non residents
Adults: $ 10.00


Chimanimani National Park
P. Bag 2063, Chimanimani
Telephone: 263 026 555

Open Mon- Sun
9am – 6pm

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